our mission

is to forge solid relationships with our clients, architects, and sub-contractors to ensure a quality job gets done

we care

At RCC, we put the project first. If it’s in the best interest of the project, then it’s our number one focus. Because we care about the success of our clients, accomplishing their vision is most important to us.

inspired daily

Having worked with entrepreneurs and embodying some of that entrepreneurial spirit ourselves, we understand the ups-and-downs of growing a business. These peaks and valleys can take their toll, but we've learned that genuine care and inspiration allows us to bring more energy and enthusiasm to our work and our clients. We genuinely care about your goals. We believe your growth is integral to our future.


collaboration is everything

In this industry, collaboration is king. We know this. It’s what we hold as our strongest value. It’s what leads to innovation, solutions & success. It’s what brings a client’s vision to life. From the start of the project until the very end, RCC believes collaboration is crucial to the construction process. Without it, projects just fall short.

redefining the GC role

At RCC, our role goes beyond general contractor. We believe in becoming an essential member of the team. With our hands-on approach, we break down communication barriers and build trust with clients, architects & sub-contractors in order to forge strong relationships that continue on past the duration of the project. We believe these actions are vital to a project's success.


looking forward to tomorrow

We are extremely proud and excited to grow within Chicago’s evolving and expansive landscape. As of 2014, Chicago ranked second in the nation for the highest number of fast-growing, small businesses. By continually providing these businesses with innovative and cost-effective solutions that align to their future goals, we plan to emerge as leaders in this growing market.

pushing on

In the past three years, we've doubled our revenue year over year and tripled the size of our operating facilities, offices, and warehouses. In the next five years, we see ourselves as a leader in Chicago's revitalized business market.