Build Something: 2017 Impact Report

Our commitment to amplifying the roles of women and minorities in Chicago’s construction community.

Why we do what we do.

Redmond Construction Corp. (RCC) is committed to providing equitable access to education, careers, and professional development opportunities in the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction industries. We believe in participating in a conscious business ecosystem in Chicago that gives back to our great city and supports humanitarian and cultural institutions. To hold ourselves accountable to these commitments, we have implemented inclusive hiring strategies, developed partnerships and charitable commitments, and provide resources for our team to give back to the causes that matter to them.

In 2017 we gave back...


volunteering for causes we care about


pro-bono consulting for local initiatives


in contributions to support local organizations and initiatives

Partnerships & Charitable Organizations:

RCC is committed to building relationships with organizations that are working for gender equity, sustainability, and access to resources within the AEC industry and across Chicago. Whether it’s purchasing tickets to fundraisers, volunteering time for a cause, or sponsoring a specific event or activity, our team values the act of giving back and building a better future.

In 2017 we demonstrated our support for the following organizations through various forms of sponsorship, partnership, and monetary contributions:

Building The Next Generation

RCC has established the Building the Next Generation Scholarship with City Colleges of Chicago Foundation in an effort to expand educational and professional development opportunities for women studying Construction Management at Kennedy-King College in Englewood.

building the future, together

With a network of supporters, we are offering two scholarships each semester, four per academic year, to women with demonstrated financial need in good academic standing.

In addition to scholarship funding, we’re hosting a series of professional development luncheons at our offices with invited industry guests to provide insight on careers and resources.


Women in the Industry: Quick Facts

8.9% of the construction industry workforce are female

Source: Bureau of Labor Statistic & OSHA

Participation grew steadily from 1985 to 2007, but then dropped off after the recession in 2008

We hope that the Building the Next Generation Scholarship initiative is a catalyst for women to build confidence and professional networks that lead to successful and meaningful careers in the construction industry.

Interested in supporting the Building the Next Generation Scholarship Fund?

We’ll be looking for sponsors, donations, and professional development partners over the coming months. Stay tuned by signing up for our quarterly newsletter.

Title Sponsor:

Benefactor Sponsor:

Image of our top sponsors: Edge Electrical Systems (our Title Sponsor), and Connexion (our Benefactor Sponsor)

Supporting Sponsors:

Image of our supporting sponsors: Teknion, Assurance, Industrious, Forward Space, Shive Hattery, OFS Brands

Building Something, Together.

In the coming years, we look forward to growing a corporate culture that acts on shared values to build strong communities. We hope that each hour and dollar returned to our city will improve equity, inclusion, and opportunity for all of our neighbors. We hope that our clients and partners see how deeply rooted we are in doing good work, both as a company and as members of a community. We are committed to building a better future, together.

For additional information, please contact Jamie

Jamie Redmond

Director of Operations
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