Meet Redmond President and Partner, Bradley Malouf!

Did you know that Brad is not only a construction aficionado, but also a Licensed Architect? He passed his final exam to become a Licensed Architect on this day three years ago. As an architect, Brad possesses a remarkable ability to visualize projects and offers a unique perspective throughout the construction process. He views every challenge as an opportunity to offer creative solutions and has a deep empathy for the architects and designers that he works with; he understands what it’s like to be in their shoes and always advocates for a collaborative, team approach.

Brad’s journey from Project Manager to President serves as a testament to his exceptional leadership and unwavering dedication to the core values that define Redmond. He demonstrates an unparalleled commitment to both clients and colleagues, serving as a mentor to numerous team members from their first days at Redmond to their eventual promotions into management positions. As a cherished and trusted leader at Redmond, Brad’s devotion to the success of his team is matched only by his relentless dedication to client satisfaction. Clients who have worked with him over the years can attest to his integrity, enthusiasm, and determination to surmount any challenge.

Thank you Brad for your invaluable contributions and exceptional service at Redmond!