RCC is always looking to expand our subcontractor and vendor network, and we're excited to have a chance to meet you and your team.

In order to include you on upcoming bid opportunities, please review the Qualifications Checklist below and submit the requested items as a single PDF package.

  • Insurance:

    Provide a Certificate of Insurance for compliance review, per the coverages

    outlined here
    • Subcontractor, at sole cost and expense, shall maintain the following insurance in amounts not less than those specified below to perform work for Redmond Construction Corp:
      • Worker’s Compensation with a limit of liability as required by the State of Illinois and any applicable federal authority, and Employers Liability insurance at a limit of not less than $1,000,000 each accident, $1,000,000 disease each employee and $1,000,000 disease – policy limit.
      • Commercial General Liability insurance, including Premises Operations Liability, Products/Completed Operations Liability, Contractual Liability coverage for insured contracts, providing coverage as broad as the current edition of ISO Form 00 01, with a limit of liability not less than $1,000,000 for each occurrence and $2,000,000 in the aggregate for Bodily Injury, Property Damage and Personal Injury. Products/Completed Operations Liability insurance shall be maintained for two (2) years after final payment to Contractor. Coverage must include a per project annual aggregate.
      • Commercial Automobile Liability insurance covering all owned, hired, or non-owned vehicles including the loading or unloading thereof with a combined single limit of liability not less than $1,000,000 for each occurrence and in the aggregate.
      • Umbrella Liability or Excess Liability with limits not less than $10,000,000 each occurrence and in the aggregate for bodily injury and property damage (except in relation to the following work shall require $25,000,000 in Umbrella Liability: elevator/escalator installation, window installation and window washing). The Umbrella Liability Policy shall be in excess of the Employers Liability Coverage, Commercial General Liability Coverage and Commercial Automobile Liability Coverage and must include a per project annual aggregate.
    • Subcontractor shall maintain Property insurance sufficient to cover loss to its property at the site and hereby agrees to waive all rights of action and subrogation against Owner for damages caused by fire or other peril covered by such insurance.
    • Subcontractor’s insurer shall have a policyholder rating of at least A- and be assigned a financial size category of at least A-III as rated in the most recent edition of “A.M. Best’s Key Rating Guide” for insurance companies.
    • Please use the following information for naming a certificate holder:
      Redmond Construction Corp
      319 West Ontario, Suite 1
      Chicago, IL 60654
  • References:

    Please provide at least 3 references from General Contractors, Architects, or Building Managers.

  • Suppliers:

    Please provide at least 3 references from Dealers, Suppliers, or Manufacturers.

  • Buildings:

    Please provide a list of all buildings and facilities where you are pre-approved, approved, or recommended to perform work.

  • Licensing:

    Please provide a copy of your business license/proof of standing to perform work in Chicago.

  • Unions:

    Please provide a list of union affiliations if applicable.

  • WBE/MBE Status:

    Please provide copies of WBE/MBE certifications if applicable.

  • Please upload PDF of checklist items detailed above.
    Accepted file types: pdf.