How do you design and build a law office that meets the needs of a traditional legal workforce while also creating a more modern and technology driven workplace? This was the challenge Redmond faced with the buildout of a confidential law firm’s office in Fulton Market. 

As the first major law firm to enter the neighborhood, Redmond and geniant + Eastlake Studio were faced with creating a precedent-setting office that met the diverse needs of its multi-generational team of lawyers while attracting talent and future clients. As a legal leader in intellectual property and technology, the goal was to create a modern, progressive workplace focused on collaboration and innovation that leverages technology to drive the practice forward.

Adaptable work and entertainment areas are thoughtfully designed throughout the two floor, first generation office to balance the needs of the firm’s various types of clients, from cutting-edge to more traditional. Private offices are complemented by larger open work areas with various defined zones to work and collaborate. Lounge seating, high top tables, open desking, conference areas, and focus rooms are spread throughout the two floors, enabling employees to choose how they want to work.

On the construction side, Redmond had to understand the building’s low deck heights and existing conditions in order to coordinate the placement and heights of 31 new heat pump locations. These heat pumps required side access for maintenance and pipe connections, and extensive coordination was required in order to avoid interfering with significant design features. 

As with most construction projects, the coordination and release of long lead items was critical in order to meet the project’s schedule. Redmond’s field and office teams worked closely with the design and client teams to ensure products were released on time. Working within a post-tension building presented another exciting challenge to overcome. Redmond was successful in maintaining design and placement intent while working around existing concrete coring limitations.

We had a tremendous time collaborating with our additional project partners Fulton Street Companies, ConopCo, Cushman & Wakefield, Syska Hennessy Group, and Corporate Concepts to complete this stunning workplace!