TYLin International Group’s new office at 200 S Wacker provides the international engineering firm’s workforce with a warm and modern space to connect and collaborate. Redmond collaborated with California-based architecture firm Fennie+Mehl Architects to complete this 22,000 SF space, which features a sophisticated reception, flexible workstations, conference and training rooms, lounges, and a cafe area. The scope of work also included the elevator lobby, which provides a bold branding moment for TYLin team members, partners, and clients visiting their office.

Redmond previously built TYLin’s swing space at 200 S Wacker, which the team occupied for the duration of construction of its new office. The project required a great deal of coordination between the client, landlord, and trade partners in order to efficiently complete construction with no disruption to the company’s ability to complete its day-to-day operations.

Job well done by the Redmond team of Brad Malouf, Giacomo Tusa, Zak Kiepura, and Jeff Curry. Thank you to our additional project partners Cushman & Wakefield, Whitney Architects, Kent Consulting Engineers, Engineering Plus, and MG West.

View the full gallery of photos here. Photo credit goes to Kendall McCaugherty, Hall + Merrick + McCaugherty Photographers.