Redmond recently collaborated with geniant + Eastlake Studio, Preston Design and Construction Consulting, Omni Ecosystems, and Kent Consulting Engineers to complete the full floor buildout of Kimball International’s Showroom at 318 N Carpenter. The space officially opened to the public during Fulton Market Design Days last week.

Kimball International’s Showroom enables customers, partners, and members of the greater industry to experience their vast portfolio of products. Rather than take on the likeness of a traditional showroom, Kimball’s showroom is shaped as an environment that inspires while providing balance and flexibility. The space—complete with a design studio, huddle rooms, and an outdoor terrace—bolsters innovation and encourages collaboration.

A special shoutout goes to Bradley Malouf, Liza Camacho, Andrea Rivera, and Cristian Gallardo for a job well done managing and delivering this space for Kimball International, all while exceeding expectations.

View the full gallery of photos here.

Photos by Kendall McCaugherty, Hall + Merrick + McCaugherty Photographers