Team Redmond kicked off the year with the award of the 94,000 SF interior buildout of MoLo Solutions headquarters at 167 GREEN in Chicago’s Fulton Market neighborhood.

The first generation buildout of MoLo’s headquarters is Redmond’s largest tenant interior project of 2022. One of the most exciting and rewarding aspects of partnering with MoLo was the synergy between our teams. It was apparent early on how MoLo’s company culture and values aligned with Redmond’s. When you admire the people and the mission behind the client you are working with, it makes the project and experience that much more special.

Our friends at Indoor Drone Tours captured footage of the project kick off in April and headed back in August to capture the finished product while also chatting with key members of the project team, including Brad Malouf and Tony Urso from Redmond, Andrew Silver and Cara Kinney from MoLo, and Scott Becker from Partners by Design.

“The Redmond team owned the project [and] the PBD team owned the project individually but also collaboratively, which put us in a position to get this done in what feels like record time,” said Silver, CEO of MoLo. “The quality is frankly second to none, and I couldn’t be happier with the end result.”

The biggest challenge for this project, as with most projects today, was product procurement. Redmond came up with creative strategies to get materials on site and alleviate supply chain issues in order to meet both field milestones and the overall project schedule. Redmond is incredibly proud of the way our team and project partners worked together to ensure all products were designed, reviewed, and ordered in a timely manner that allowed us to complete MoLo’s headquarters on schedule.

Another unique challenge that was overcome was the mid-project acquisition of MoLo by their new parent company, ArcBest. With new ownership comes new requirements, and Redmond worked alongside both groups to communicate and manage expectations while maintaining the construction schedule and meeting the project’s financial goals.

Additional features of MoLo’s headquarters included constructing a communicating stair to connect the 14th and 15th floors, an Urban Garden, a Secret Garden, and a Stadium. Senior Superintendent Tony Urso led the field team for Redmond, which required extensive coordination between the client, building management, and trade partners.

Brad Malouf, Elliot Hilgert, Brandon Haggerty, Tony Urso, and Andrew Kamp did a phenomenal job completing this project for Redmond. It was our pleasure to collaborate with MoLo, ArcBest, Shapack, MB Real Estate, Partners by Design, Salas O’Brien, JLL, and Henricksen on this successful project!

Click here to view the full gallery of photos, courtesy of Tom Harris.