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Neil Ebaugh

Senior Superintendent

As one of Redmond’s first employees, and the firm’s first Superintendent, Neil has laid the groundwork for Redmond’s Field Team and truly understands the quality of service Redmond aspires to provide on projects each day. He brings nearly 30 years of experience in commercial construction and has completed a range of complex projects from airport lounges to luxury hotels and multi-floor headquarter developments. Most notably, Neil has overseen construction for Squarespace/Tock Headquarters, G2, and Intermatic. Over the last year, he has completed various complex and stunning interior projects including Fellowes Design & Experience Center, Snap, Inc., and Wilson Dow.

Neil has developed close, trusted relationships with clients, owners, design teams, and building management throughout Chicago, and is highly regarded for his thoroughness, attention to detail, and high levels of engagement and communication. He holds a Master of Construction Management from Eastern Michigan University and has experience working at all levels within a global construction firm.

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Did you know?

Neil is red/green colorblind.