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Tom O’Neill

Vice President of Preconstruction

Having held roles in the construction and real estate industries for more than 17 years, Tom brings a depth of expertise to Team Redmond. As Vice President of Preconstruction, he leads Redmond’s entire preconstruction and budgeting efforts from initial budget request to the submission of bids.

Tom has been part of various project types ranging from corporate interiors to residential, industrial, and the ground up construction of high-rise buildings. Prior to joining Redmond, Tom managed upwards of $100 million in contracts with IDOT, CDOT, DuPage County, City of Chicago, CTA, US Army Corps of Engineers. Since joining the firm in 2017, Tom has built Redmond’s Preconstruction Team from the ground up. He has put strategies and processes in place that have been at the forefront of Redmond’s ability to secure its largest contracts to date. His organizational skills, expertise in preconstruction and budgeting, and position as a leader across the industry have been critical to Redmond’s ability to win work week after week.

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Did you know?

Tom's hobbies include live edge woodworking and astrophotography.